BIG mistake

A few weeks ago, against my better judgement I did something I really knew I shouldn't have done. I went out of my way to watch something I knew could trigger me. The baby went to bed without much fuss which was a huge relief, So I thought I'd unwind with good old Netflix. Now … Continue reading BIG mistake


PANDA awareness Week

This week is postnatal depression awareness week. The wonderful Sophie Farrow of Bad Mum collected stories from mother's to help bring awareness to PND and to allow mother's to say it as it is. I was very lucky to be involved in this week's campaign and would love if you could pop over to her … Continue reading PANDA awareness Week

See you soon …

This past two weeks my niece has been up staying with us all. She lives in England with her Dad (my brother) and her mum although separately. So it's not often we get to see the little pixie. When she is up though we do all w can to ensure she has lots of fun … Continue reading See you soon …