Mama guilt

This week has been a tough one. I've been filled with so much guilt, been feeling so unbelievably upset, completely emotional in ways I'm not usually and irrationality worried over everything. I can't seem to shift this feeling even though deep down I know I'm doing nothing wrong. I'm parenting in the exact way that … Continue reading Mama guilt

Working mama!

So a few months ago I discussed the unfortunate reality that as parents we are all hit with. The decision to return to work or stay at home. At that time I was working two jobs part time in order to fit around my new family. Life was going well until I was hit by … Continue reading Working mama!

Back to work!

Going back to work is a discussion we all eventually have to have. A reality, that as much as we all would like to ignore, we in time have to face. And with that comes an overwhelming amount of guilt, whatever you decide. It's something I've struggled with and been excited about in equal measure. … Continue reading Back to work!