Mama guilt

This week has been a tough one. I've been filled with so much guilt, been feeling so unbelievably upset, completely emotional in ways I'm not usually and irrationality worried over everything. I can't seem to shift this feeling even though deep down I know I'm doing nothing wrong. I'm parenting in the exact way that … Continue reading Mama guilt


Dinner time!

So tonight's called for family dinner. Gran and papa (Scott's mum and dad) came round to say hello for a while and we made dinner whilst they spent time with monkey. It was Scott's turn to pick dinner so carbonara was on the menu. Now I'm just gonna say that in no way am I … Continue reading Dinner time!

Dinner time!

Some nights we all get together and make dinner as a family. After a particularly awful week (for me, baby has been great) family good night is precisely what I needed.  Tonight's concoction was sweet potato curry. Little miss had great fun trying to peel a sweet potato with a spoon whilst daddy and I … Continue reading Dinner time!