Happy Monday!

Monday's have a bad rep. The world seems to hate Monday and dread it's arrival. I however feel a Monday is what you make it. Admittedly I do not work every Monday so that probably helps, I do work every Saturday though and I don't hate that day of the week either. The average person … Continue reading Happy Monday!


Yesterday we had fear like I've never felt before. We woke up hours before the baby and come 11:30 she finally awoke. To many this is the dream. For us this was not normal. Our little lady slept all morning, when she finally awoke she was weak, limp and somehow still tired. She was burning … Continue reading Sickness

T.L.ME time!

This weekend has called for some 'tender loving me time' it's been a long time since I did very much for just me but as you all know I vowed to take that time for me, and I've done it. It makes a big difference on your mood and over all out look on things … Continue reading T.L.ME time!