This week we have all been struck down with the cold. Scott's god an immune system built from Titanium so only had a few sniffles and a scratchy throat. I however have been snorting, coughing and aching from head to toe. Quite literally since I've had headaches then tore off part of my toe nail, … Continue reading Sickness


Before I had baby, tiredness had a whole other definition. A tough night's sleep simply meant that I'd drank too much caffeine (or prosecco) that day and a bad morning was one where I'd forgotten to put my phone on charge, then missed the bus. A late night was self inflicted, because who wants a … Continue reading Tiredness

Bedtime … Just kidding

Bedtime has become a game. A very long drawn out game. A game we only play on Sunday nights or Monday nights (when I'm really lucky it's both nights) What's so special about those two nights I hear you ask? These are the nights daddy works lates. The nights I'm flying solo. The nights he … Continue reading Bedtime … Just kidding