What six weeks of therapy taught me.

I've been a bit distant from blogging lately as I've not really been in the mindset to write. I've been working through all the issues I'm faced with, trying to find answers for actions of others, trying to remember how to function and trying to fit back into this thing called life after taking some … Continue reading What six weeks of therapy taught me.

Diet culture

WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! What's that sound? It's the diet claxon! Yes you guessed it, it's almost January and that means the start of fad diets, juices, pills, powders, teas, herbs, gels, shakes, big companies selling you rubbish that will give short term results to a problem that doesn't exist! I mean after all, there is … Continue reading Diet culture

BIG mistake

A few weeks ago, against my better judgement I did something I really knew I shouldn't have done. I went out of my way to watch something I knew could trigger me. The baby went to bed without much fuss which was a huge relief, So I thought I'd unwind with good old Netflix. Now … Continue reading BIG mistake