Working mama!

So a few months ago I discussed the unfortunate reality that as parents we are all hit with. The decision to return to work or stay at home. At that time I was working two jobs part time in order to fit around my new family. Life was going well until I was hit by … Continue reading Working mama!


When I had a baby I realised quite quickly that having some form of routine was goig to make my life easier. Now I'm not talking a fully planned out itinerary with feeds, nappy changes and play time all accounted for at particular times. I'm talking more like bedtime routine or a pattern you follow … Continue reading Routine.

The first few weeks.

If I'm honest it all went by in a bit or a haze. I slept lots. There weren't many days I didn't go for some kind of nap, be it twenty minutes or three hours. I pretty much crashed out at any given opportunity. Usually on the couch, and always right by the baby. Wherever … Continue reading The first few weeks.