Loooong week!

This has been one of the longest weeks I have had to date. It seems that just as we thought the sleep regression had been and gone without too much disruption, it reared its ugly head again. Teething has also decided it would like to join in, you know just incase we weren't being tested … Continue reading Loooong week!

The first hangover!

Why oh why did I do this to myself? As if it hadn't been a chaotic enough week sleep wise, I thought I'd just take it one step further and shake things up a bit more. Last night Scott and I had the ingenious idea to stay up and empty a bottle of rum. He'd … Continue reading The first hangover!

10 months!

Where has the time gone? It certainly does not feel like it's been 10 months since our little lady made her way into the world. It feels like she's been part of our lives for hardly any time at all yet I can't remember her not being here. I mean I remember life before baby, … Continue reading 10 months!