Mama guilt

This week has been a tough one. I've been filled with so much guilt, been feeling so unbelievably upset, completely emotional in ways I'm not usually and irrationality worried over everything. I can't seem to shift this feeling even though deep down I know I'm doing nothing wrong. I'm parenting in the exact way that … Continue reading Mama guilt

PANDA awareness Week

This week is postnatal depression awareness week. The wonderful Sophie Farrow of Bad Mum collected stories from mother's to help bring awareness to PND and to allow mother's to say it as it is. I was very lucky to be involved in this week's campaign and would love if you could pop over to her … Continue reading PANDA awareness Week

First day out! 

Okay so I've gone out plenty of times now. I've been phasing back work gradually and I've been doing princessing, with the odd few hours of driving lessons. I've done it many times now and baby and I have both survived without a problem. I've gone out, done my thing, come home and baby's still … Continue reading First day out!