Happy Monday!

Monday's have a bad rep. The world seems to hate Monday and dread it's arrival. I however feel a Monday is what you make it. Admittedly I do not work every Monday so that probably helps, I do work every Saturday though and I don't hate that day of the week either. The average person … Continue reading Happy Monday!

T.L.ME time!

This weekend has called for some 'tender loving me time' it's been a long time since I did very much for just me but as you all know I vowed to take that time for me, and I've done it. It makes a big difference on your mood and over all out look on things … Continue reading T.L.ME time!


Recently I took time away from blogging and really only used social media for the brief hour I was able to get any WiFi. Honestly it was quite refreshing and it's something I feel I'll be doing more often even if it's just the odd day here and there. Being away for a week was … Continue reading Holiday.