Tis the season … Take 2

So yesterday I wrote, what I felt was a very good piece about the joy and fun of Christmas and kindness you can bring to others. The three of you who managed to read it before my tiny terror managed to delete it can be the deciders on that one. Basically the long and the … Continue reading Tis the season … Take 2

Working mama!

So a few months ago I discussed the unfortunate reality that as parents we are all hit with. The decision to return to work or stay at home. At that time I was working two jobs part time in order to fit around my new family. Life was going well until I was hit by … Continue reading Working mama!

A good week

Ignoring the off nights (it's become a habit now) this week has been wonderful. We've had lots of family time, both just us three amigos and immediate family. We've done LOTS of stuff and yet it's been equally balanced with rest time. Sometimes it's the most basic of activities that you appreciate and enjoy the … Continue reading A good week