Stuck in a rut

Dinner time can often become a drag. I like to eat healthy, eat quick and eat fresh. The problem is though that I very easily get stuck juggling the same five dishes every week. Stir-fry is a favourite when rushed off our feet and we love a good sweet potato curry but very easily you … Continue reading Stuck in a rut

Loooong week!

This has been one of the longest weeks I have had to date. It seems that just as we thought the sleep regression had been and gone without too much disruption, it reared its ugly head again. Teething has also decided it would like to join in, you know just incase we weren't being tested … Continue reading Loooong week!

Dinner time!

So tonight's called for family dinner. Gran and papa (Scott's mum and dad) came round to say hello for a while and we made dinner whilst they spent time with monkey. It was Scott's turn to pick dinner so carbonara was on the menu. Now I'm just gonna say that in no way am I … Continue reading Dinner time!