PANDA awareness Week

This week is postnatal depression awareness week. The wonderful Sophie Farrow of Bad Mum collected stories from mother's to help bring awareness to PND and to allow mother's to say it as it is. I was very lucky to be involved in this week's campaign and would love if you could pop over to her … Continue reading PANDA awareness Week


I have learned alot of things since becoming a mama. I've learned that the days I though I had no sleep were actually full night's sleep to some. I've learned that parents cannot control every move their children make, sometimes they scream because they like to. And recently I've learned what hunger is. Having worked … Continue reading Hunger!

ED Recovery as mama

Recovery is difficult at the best of times, whatever you may be working through. Throw a child into the mix and it becomes a whole other thing. I took to the road of recovery two months before I found out I was pregnant. I worked hard on trying to get myself back to being me, … Continue reading ED Recovery as mama