Getting thrifty.

I'm not a girl who particularly enjoys shopping. The idea of spending a day in the town trawling the high street, waiting in lines and dealing with snarky Suzan just isn't my idea of fun. Also I work in retail, so after a hard shift the last thing I want to do is hang out … Continue reading Getting thrifty.

Tis the season … Take 2

So yesterday I wrote, what I felt was a very good piece about the joy and fun of Christmas and kindness you can bring to others. The three of you who managed to read it before my tiny terror managed to delete it can be the deciders on that one. Basically the long and the … Continue reading Tis the season … Take 2

Happy Monday!

Monday's have a bad rep. The world seems to hate Monday and dread it's arrival. I however feel a Monday is what you make it. Admittedly I do not work every Monday so that probably helps, I do work every Saturday though and I don't hate that day of the week either. The average person … Continue reading Happy Monday!