Dealing with the festivities

The holidays, whatever and however you celebrate, are overwhelming for most. The gifts, the shopping, online orders coming in late/wrong/not at all. Trying to get days off that mean you get some kind of holiday. Working out who, when, where and how to see everyone on your gift list. The food, how much/little how long … Continue reading Dealing with the festivities

Being happy as me.

Something I'm still struggling with is finding true happiness in my own skin. It's something I am working on most days but I know I could do better at it. It's something I want for myself but equally, I want for my daughter. I want to be happy, confident and comfortable as the person I … Continue reading Being happy as me.

Unwanted weight comments!

Today's society sees weight loss as this wonderful, magical thing that will make all your dreams come true, take away all your problems and bring world peace. In reality it usually makes you miserable from chasing unrealistic expectations, exhausted from the extremes we take to shift those last few digits and hungry. We seem obsessed … Continue reading Unwanted weight comments!