Happy Valentine’s to me!

It's well known that I'm not that into valentine's. One glance over last year's blog post fills you in nicely on that point. I'll always find it a little ridiculous, overly commercialised and tragically unsustainable. I mean all that card, plastic and latex is everything but good for the planet and is overpriced tat we … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s to me!

Boycotting the diet industry

January has been a hard month. I’ve hit this wall of not quite knowing what I’m doing or how to start the process of dealing with trauma I’ve otherwise been distracting myself from. I’ve been distant from family and friends because its easy for me to isolate myself than face the world. I’ve been dodging … Continue reading Boycotting the diet industry

Dealing with the festivities

The holidays, whatever and however you celebrate, are overwhelming for most. The gifts, the shopping, online orders coming in late/wrong/not at all. Trying to get days off that mean you get some kind of holiday. Working out who, when, where and how to see everyone on your gift list. The food, how much/little how long … Continue reading Dealing with the festivities