White Rabbit Skincare

Okay, I am not in any way, shape or form someone who pretends to know about skincare. I don’t follow the 20 step regimes, I don’t know how to say half of the ingredients and if im honest I don’t really care. All I want to know is: Is it cruelty free? Is it worth the money? Is it gentle on the skin – like if I forget to pack the weans stuff when we are traveling but happen to have my cream will she be okay? Im not up to date with all the latest products, I used the same blue brand of moisturiser my gran used when she was my age up untill two years ago and will be the first to admit a baby wipe has come to my rescue when nothing else is to hand.

However, I was lucky enough recently to be invited along to a skincare master class by White Rabbit Skincare and being the curious type, I went along to see what it was all about.

Now I had previously heard of White Rabbit, and I also own their day and night cream. They were actually one of the first brands I tried when looking for cruelty free products. So I knew I liked them already, and I knew the stuff worked but I didn’t really know much else. I found out a little bit more about the company and the founder Melanie and she gave us a little insight to the world of hand made products. Not only that, but she showed us a simple 6 step skin care routine that even i could handle on big make up days. There was no intimidation and i at no point felt like a total novice. It is easy to get lost in the world of skincare and to feel overwhelmed with all the names and products and steps. Melanie however kept it straight, simple and to the point and most importantly, kept it real.

After the class I couldn’t wait try everything, test the products out and see how ultimately a 6 step routine would fit into my day. Im a mama working two jobs, studying, fighting my mental health and trying to keep my house in order. If it takes longer that 10 minuets to get ready for bed, its not worth it. So for the past few weeks I’ve used all White Rabbit – other than face masks – because how better to test something?

Obviously the night I brought everything home was the night I was going to try the full routine. Once the little was in bed I popped on a headband took over the bathroom and gave my face the clean of its life!

First a good cleansing! This was broken into two steps, which if im not wearing make up I wont bother to do – im just being honest guys– first I used the cleansing water to give a good wipe down and get the bulk of any product off my face. Just pop it onto a reusable pad, wipe your whole face down and thats you. I find this more than enough on no make up days and wont pretend to care why a person would do anything more than this. However after a recent photoshoot, I fully understood the reason for a second cleanse. My only issue with this was the lid of the bottle, I didn’t find it screwed on as easily and I did end up with a few spills but if you stand it up right this won’t be an issue. Just double check if you are traveling with it!

Bring on the balm! Now this balm smells like a spa in a tub, my eyes involuntarily rolled into the back of my head when i first smelled this stuff its just that amazing. This is a solid cleanser that you rub between your fingers then into the face in a nice creamy paste that soaks into the skin. You let it sit for a moment or two then with a face cloth and some hot water, wipe it off. Simple. I found this removed even eyelash glue without trouble and took the remainder of any product off easily. If I can just have this a a room spray candle and shower gel that would be great!

Next we tone! I’ve avoided toners like the plagues since I was a teen. Back then it was super drying stuff and well I didn’t really know what I was doing with it. Now however I can honestly say im converted. I actually now carry toner in my bag incase I need a wee hydration lift in the day. This one came with a spray top so you can spray directly on to your face. Simply pat it in with your fingers and thats you. However you can get options without the spray top to reduce plastic and you would just put this onto a reusable pad and pat into the skin that way. Easy, takes seconds and surprisingly hydrating (and it smells delicious) I love this in the morning as its orange scented and I just find it a really energising scent.

To serum or not to serum? Honestly, I’ve never used this before, I just thought it was another product I was told to get because it was “cool” Now I wont lie, I’m not fully converted and I wont be using this every day, But its wonderful for that extra hydration during the weather change or when your skin needs a little pick me up. I only use this at night and on occasion as I personally find it a bit heavy for all day every day. I did however enjoy how soft and fresh it left my skin feeling the next day.

Eye cream anyone? again this was just another product I didn’t “get” I wasn’t sure how to put it on or why you would even bother in the first palace. I now know just to dab lightly round the eye area and that on those days that iym wishing for energy thanks to being up with the wee one, this stuff just adds a little brightness to your face without having to bother with makeup. I mean don’t get me wrong, the eye bags are still real, only sleep and LOTS of water are going to tackle those bad boys. It just helps the eye area look a little more refreshed and they don’t feel half as dry and flakey as before.

Then all thats left to do is moisturise! so day or night just dab little dots of cream onto your face (I find you waste less this way) and then press it lightly all over the face. Its really that simple. They have a wonderful night cream I’ve found rather relaxing and the little 5ml tester pot has lasted me all this time and still has plenty to go. So a little really does go along way.

I personally only do the whole lot after a day of wearing a full face. It wasn’t a routine that took very long, but Im one for cutting corners where I can. On days I’m not wearing make up I’m just running over my face with the cleansing water, toner and moisturiser. Mornings I just use hot water, toner, eye cream and moisturiser. It takes no longer than 5 minuets and I feel like I’ve done something for me which is nice. Ive really noticed my skin is softer, less spotty and nowhere near as dry. This could be because im actually washing my face more but I honestly believe these products have made a difference to my over all skincare.

The products are ones I would buy as a treat to myself as there more in my “pay day” price range than they are in my rest of the month budget. However the products are lasting well, a little goes a long way and I don’t think you would have to repurchase too often. What’s also nice is you get a little sign up discount when you subscribe to their email list, so thats a good reason to treat yourself. And well christmas is just round the corner, so you know…

I wasn’t asked to review these products in exchange for them, but loved them so much I thought I’d share them with you anyway.

Now thats me done pretending to be cool, time to go watch disney movies since I have some peace and quiet.

Take care,

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo