Happy Valentine’s to me!

It’s well known that I’m not that into valentine’s. One glance over last year’s blog post fills you in nicely on that point. I’ll always find it a little ridiculous, overly commercialised and tragically unsustainable. I mean all that card, plastic and latex is everything but good for the planet and is overpriced tat we seldom need or want.

So this February 14th I’ll be filling up on a different kind of love.

As I do every other day of the year, I’ll tell my man and our girl how much I love them. I’ll shower them in kisses and hugs and send them on their way with a good breakfast in their bellies and love in their hearts. Then it’ll be all about ME!

Ill be spending the day doing whatever it is that makes me happy. I’ll make time to cook for myself, I’ll take myself out for coffee and I’ll show myself the kindness I’ve not been good at lately. I’ll drink water and take my vitamins, I’ll look after me in all the little ways. I might go for a walk, to the gym or I might just lay in bed for an extra hour.

Image by Aglae

This year I’ll focus on loving all of me. Not just the bits I deem acceptable. I won’t insult my ability, ridicule my body or decrease my worth. I won’t look at my thighs and beg them to shrink to a unobtainable size. I won’t look at my boobs with disgust asking them why they don’t match those unrealistic expectations. I won’t look at my face and point out every “flaw” that gives me character.

I’ll instead thank my body for its strength and courage over years of abuse. I’ll congratulate it for the accomplishments it has achieved. I’ll praise it for the things it has done beyond expectations. I’ll be grateful for the breaths I am taking, when so many times my body could have given up on me in the way I gave up on it.

This valentine’s Day I’ll be celebrating the ways in which I am good, great and powerful. I’ll celebrate the things I so often completely and utterly forget. There will be no cards, flowers or stuffed toys. Just kindness, love and gratitude.

Treat yourself well this valentine’s and every other day too!

Take care of you,

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

One thought on “Happy Valentine’s to me!

  1. That sounds like such a good idea! I’d love to follow suit but this year my Valentine’s day will involve no sleep, answering hundreds of toddler questions all day long and being permanently attached to my newborn baby girl, who eats and eats and eats…the snuggles are definitely worth looking like a zombie though! Have a lovely day tomorrow!


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