Stag meets Doe Photography

Stuffy family photoshoots… We’ve all been there right? Blank white studio, awkward posing that makes you look like you need to poop more than it makes you seem in love. Strange requests like “can you all coordinate outfits”, “if you could just make the little one sit still and smile that would be great”, “can the baby float in mid air whilst you hoola hoop?”. The day lasts longer than you’d like, you are stressed the entire time cos the little one refuses to play the photographer’s game and when the pictures finally come back you hardly recognise the family manically smiling back at you.

However… our experience with the wonderful Emma from Stag meets Doe Photography couldnt have been any further from that typical experience if it tried. The whole process from start to finish was a joy. From first point of contact, she was extremely professional and relaxed, no upsell from the get go as you can often find in family photography. She explained how she worked, sent over a questionaire to get to know our family that little bit better and to help us create the perfect shoot that expressed our madness.


Emma was wonderfully flexible, working around the super tight schedule we are on these days and even taking into consideration nap and snack time for the little one… we all know how feral they can be when the stars aren’t aligned in their favour. We secured a date, gave Emma full creative freedom and just went with the flow. I enjoyed the fun and surprise that came with giving Emma the reigns and she did not fail to deliver.

Emma found the most wonderful house to do our photo shoot, (our place is currently a state) that was bright, colourful and fun. It screamed crazy and excitement and to be honest I’d move in tomorrow if the offer was there. Our shoot lasted… well we lost track of time we were having so much fun. It was just shy of two hours, though it felt like we had been there no time at all. The entire time we chatted, played and I almost forgot the camera was there as there was such a calm atmosphere created. We brought along a few things that represented ‘us’, things we do together all the time like face painting and drawing. We basically played in a really cool house in between snack breaks and nappy changes and tried not to break anything, because well we all know what toddlers are like… and im not much better.


The pictures we received we are in love with as she captured our crazy perfectly, from the head banging to bohemian rhapsody to the melt down the little one had when she was told no, the images captured our day impeccably. I appreciated her capturing monkeys grumpy face and sassing over putting her welly boots back on, it makes for a great giggle when you look back at pictures of a grumpy little one surrounded by bubbles. There was very little posing involved and Emma worked perfectly with the wee one and worked the whole shoot around her and her diva requests. If something wasn’t working she just changed the activity and found something else that suited which took the pressure away that you sometime feel in these situations when the wee one won’t cooperate and decides to headbutt a wall.


We loved this shoot so much that Emma and I have teamed up to offer you a wonderful deal just in time for the festive period. We are offering you 20% off a family session and 3 6×4 prints from you session when you book quoting HM18 until 31st Dec 2018. Email to book your session or alterativley to purchase gift vouchers family and friends this christmas!

Take care of you,

Love and hugs.

Hayleigh xo

*Family lifestyle sessions start from £120. there is a limited number of sessions and gift vouchers that can be claimed at 20% off and all bookings must be placed one year from purchase. discount is redeemable against family sessions only.*

*We were gifted this wonderful experience in exchange for a full and honest review. all opinions are my honest account of our experience. Likns are for referance only and no payment has or will be recived from this collaboration.*



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