“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Technology is the forefront of our lives now wether we want to admit it or not. It’s allowed us to become accessible at the touch of a button and caused us to stretch hours beyond an inch of existence. We have phones at arm’s reach, TVs mounted on our walls (how else are you supposed to stop the little one squashing themselves) appliances to aid in every step of everyday life and machines scatterd through your day that aid in the shop, the commute and machines that aid other machines. It takes us no time at all to notice when its not working efficiently. Instantly we take that time to repair, replace and recharge our tech without a second thought, BUT when it comes to you, can you say you do the same thing?

Just as with tech, we too need that time to switch off for a few moments, hours, even days if need be. We too need that down time, time to simply breath and take life a little bit slower. We too need that time to recharge. And properly, not attempting to recharge as we participate in a thousand tasks. Im well known for taking a week off work but using that week to catch up on anything else I can think of. Making sure I see as many friends and family members as possible, doing as much as I can for my other job, sorting things in the house whilst im in it. I never book a week off to simply relax but instead it’s usually because I have lots of things I need to do that week. Family events, birthdays, weddings, appointments and all that other life stuff.

So what if we spent more time simply turning off for awhile? Would it really be that bad? Taking time away from all those things that cloud our minds and simply focusing on ourselves for a short while. No one says it has to be a week away in a private resort, no internet and no other soul to rely on you (though wouldn’t that be nice) Simply accepting you cannot fit that extra task in today is allowing yourself to rest some. Finding five minutes to stare into the bottom of a cup of tea (or a gin) is allowing yourself to switch off for a little while. So pop your phone away for an hour or a day. Say no when you feel overwhelmed. Accept there is only so mony hours in a day, and some of those need to be spent sleeping, eating and looking after yourself not the rest of the world. You cannot do everything, all at once, and that my love is okay.

The only person who expects you to, is you.

I challenge you to spend one hour this week without tech, and to do something that’s good for the soul. Leave the phone and your wallet in the house, go for a walk and notice the little things like the leaves changing, treat yourself to coffee or lunch with the change in your pocket (this one might involve forward planning if like me you only use a card), stroll through a shop, make that appointment you keep forgetting to make. You don’t even have to leave the house. Pop your phone in another room and simply avoid the TV for some time. Do a face mask, make yourself a snack, a cup of tea have a shower or simply just sit in silence and enjoy doing something small for you that helps you recharge. The house work can wait!

I get this can be hard with kids, pets and life. But once in awhile you have to put you first, you won’t be any use to anyone if you burn yourself out entirely. Unlike technology … You are not replaceable

Take care of you,

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

2 thoughts on ““Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  1. Wow, I’ve just spent the last hour doing exactly this. I made some soup for lunch and stewed some apples with cinnamon for breakfast, to fill me with wholesome goodness. I came back to check my phone and you were there, speaking the things that are in my head, showing me that its possible to have that time for me, guilt free. I’m really glad that you’re there x

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    1. It really is important to take those moments for yourself to recharge before you fade completely. I’m glad you’ve found some you time and hope you manage to get more this week xo


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