Getting thrifty.

I’m not a girl who particularly enjoys shopping. The idea of spending a day in the town trawling the high street, waiting in lines and dealing with snarky Suzan just isn’t my idea of fun. Also I work in retail, so after a hard shift the last thing I want to do is hang out in more shops, with more people demanding refunds for things they’ve clearly worn and making a mess behind them because apparently cleaning up after rude people is the store assistants only reason of existence. (Not bitter at all) However I do love taking an hour or so to take a stroll through the local charity shops and vintage stores.

My most complimented pieces of clothing have been thrifting finds and its always nice to hear that the £2 shirt you snagged is actually pretty cute after all. And the best thing? Not only are you able to look super cute for next to nothing, but you helping a great cause by donating to charity as you shop or supporting a small business owner who owns that killer store! You are also being eco friendly by reusing clothing that already exists, and being part of making fashion sustainable by reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill each year (350,000 tonnes by the way)

Now it’s not always easy, you will not always find a hidden gem but when you do it’ll make that find so much sweeter. Some of the best finds have come from the city center charity shops and vintage stores. One of my favourite shops is Barnardos as not only is there a large number of stores around the city to pick from (one of which has a vintage section) but they always have something waiting to be snatched up if not for myself, then something for the wee one or other half.

In a time where fast fashion exists and everyone and their dog is wearing the latest “trend” it’s great to find something a little different that’s not in every shop window you pass. To find something that holds a story and that usually is much better made. Vintage clothing was made to last more than a season, so often is of a higher quality and made to fit the human body as apposed to a mannequin which can often be found in today’s retailers.

Now I get how striking the shops is not appealing to everyone. I also have times where dealing with other humans just seems like the worst idea ever, and that my friend is why online shopping exists! We all know of the wonders of eBay, the joy of ASOS marketplace and the excitement behind a quick Google search. But did you know that many of your local vintage stores are also hitting the internet? Facebook holds the key to many small business allowing you to browse the web for that perfect find. Not just clothing but furniture too.

Charity shops have hit the net too though. Sense Red cross and the British heart Foundation have eBay stores and Oxfam also have an online store. Who doesn’t love sifting through great fashion from the comfort of your own bed?

And lastly donation is the best way to get rid of unwanted items you have filling up the house. Many charities offer collection services especially for furniture. You can donate to the homeless shelter and women’s aid to ensure your reusable but unwanted items get that well deserved second chance and many high street retailers have a collection scheme where you receive discounts or vouchers for recycling your unwanted textiles with them.

So I want to challenge you to find just one thing, a jumper, boots, a jacket or even a dress that you can add into this year’s autumn/winter wardrobe that isn’t brand new but is instead new to you. Please share your finds using #thriftingwithhayleigh and keep an eye out for a wardrobe swap coming soon!

Loves and hugs,

Take care,

Hayleigh xo

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