Burger and Bun!

A vegetarian walked into a burger bar … No this is not the start of a bad joke, this is how I fell in love with Burger and Bun, Bearsdens newest and most delectable eatery.

We were invited along last month to sample the menu and were treated to a wonderful meal and fantastic customer service and what a treat it was!

With an extensive choice ranging from burgers and hot dogs to steak and loaded fries they had something for everyone including the veggies and vegans.

There may not have been a huge choice for me, but that’s to be expected. What they did have thought was AMAZING! I mean I honestly believe the halloumi burger was invented for me. The grilled halloumi with sweet chilli sauce, hummus and garlic mayo had me hooked instantly and boy was it good!

The halloumi was perfectly charred and each condiment was perfectly balanced with none overpowering the other. I’m not a person who really enjoys bread but even the perfectly toasted bun managed to win its way into my heart. Despite everything that was going on with this burger it held together well and didn’t get soggy at all. Certainly a new favourite!

Im not usually a huge milkshake fan, but seeing the words candyfloss milkshake just drew me in and I had to try it. Scott of course ate the mallows as they aren’t veggie friendly but I was in heaven with my pink sugary drink of goodness! It was made with real fruit and wasn’t too sweet (if you forget about the garnish) and I fell into a sugar crazed happy place.

I mean if that face doesn’t say “happy over grown child in a candy shop” I don’t know what else will!

Scott will always be a man who goes for a good ol’ burger. He was spoiled for choice with the menu and was even almost swayed by the monthly special. However he settled on his go to when trying any new place, and chose a bacon cheeseburger, and added to that peri peri fries. His theory is if a place cannot get the basics right then it’s not a place to eat, and I cannot fault his logic.

Scott said “The burger was delicious, juicy, nice strong cheese, loads of bacon and good bun that actually held together the whole time I was eating. However the peri peri fries were the star, lovely and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. But it was the coating that really sold it. Most “peri peri” usually just tastes like they’ve tossed some paprika over with some salt. But this actually tasted like peri peri with a nice kick of lime.”

Of course we took the monkey with us, and burger and bun did not disappoint with the kids options. Missy being a pasta fiend had Mac and cheese which came with a side of fries. The portion was obviously more than she needed but that just meant Scott and I also got to sample what looked like a cheesy carby dream.

The Mac and cheese was wonderful. The pasta was still al dente and the creamy cheesy sauce and crisp top was that of dreams. I was actually really glad it was too much for missy because it meant I got a good ‘sample‘. I loved the fact that the children’s main came out first allowing me to sort the little before my food came over and that it was cooler than the adult mains. My only negative was the salted fries! We as a family don’t eat much salt as it is, but salt isn’t needed on kids chips so this would be something I requested was avoided when ordering in future. Kid size cutlery would also be beneficial but is something we usually carry for these situations.

The staff were amazing. They were so attentive to each and every customer there and they were even great with the wee one, chatting, colouring with her and helping with anything at all that we needed. The building is lovely with both ample indoor and outdoor seating, an upstairs area and an open kitchen. There’s lots of fun decor and it is a space that’s much larger inside than it looks from outside.

Theres a variety of different deals on through the week too. Monday there is a £5 special that also runs between 12-3 Tuesday-Friday of a burger and fries. Brunch is served 12-3 daily and includes a range of breakfast like goodies and cocktails. Wednesday hosts 20 chicken wings and a side of fries for £15. Every month there is a different burger and milkshake special on offer, and just recently they have began home delivery available Sunday-Thursday 5-10.

So if you haven’t already pop along to Burger and Bun Glasgow and indulge in a wonderful meal fit for all the family. There’s plenty of parking but if you would rather take the train and make a day of it, you are a minutes walk if that from Hillfoot station to the restaurant.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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