Father’s Day … Where on earth to start?

All year round we find shopping guides for different holidays. The perfect easter guide, mother’s day wish lists, and the top ten items you must purchase before having a baby that you use twice and then stick in the back of the wardrobe. However i’ve found very few for fathers day. Well not many that don’t cost the earth that is … my piggy bank won’t quite stretch to a weekend away and what would he really use a golden pocket sundial for?

So here’s a list of things I know my man loves, that won’t cost the earth and will show him just how much you / the kids love dad!

Willow and Plum

I discussed this wonder soap in an earlier blog post when the wonderful lesley gifted me a lovely mixed box. Not only is everything handmade here in scotland, the company is ran by a lady with a heart of gold (this lovely lady donated a whopping mix of goodies for parents of Glasgow children’s hospital) Scott’s loved this from the beginning because although the soaps smell amazing, it wasn’t overpowering. He loves that it is an all in one product and that the scent stays on your skin throughout the day. Its also a product that is suitable for any eco friendly or vegan dad.

A hair/Beard voucher.

Now it’s not just us ladies that like getting our hair done, a wee pamper and a head massage. The guys love it too! Scotts barber not only cuts his hair and trims his beard, but also offers a wee head, hand and shoulder massage. He gets his ears done (whatever that may entail) and a hot towel shave. Just as i do after a little TLC, he leaves the salon (can I call a barber’s a salon?) feeling refreshed and relaxed. It also stops him moaning for ages that he needs to do it before actually getting round to it.


I was first introduced to these wonderful masks through the lobella instagram page when I bought two to try. I found them to be wonderful and fell in love instantly after a particular night of no sleep thanks to baby on the back of a night out, i mean how many products exist that can make you feel human again after fifteen minutes? What’s this got to do with dads i here you ask? Well firstly dads also suffer from sleepless nights and the odd hangover so a curer in a packet is certainly appreciated. Harriet also donated to the Glasgow children’s hospital and the dads that had tried the masks loved them as they helped with blocking out some of the hospital lights and allowed them to relax in what is a very tough time.

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company

I came across this beautiful company after receiving a wonderful gift box from My Pocket Money Toy (check it out) and instantly we fell in love. I mean what’s better than pizza other than chocolate pizza?Each ‘pizza slice’ is handmade and beautifully wrapped in either gourmet pizza boxes for a collection of eight to sixteen slices (depending on the size ordered) or perfect individual boxes if you only want to trial a few. The beautiful slices are made with Belgian chocolate and are melt in the mouth delicious! You can order personalised treats and also make your own pizza!

One Wee Box

A company ran by a lovely lady called Kirstin who really knows how to take the stress out of gifting. Now these boxes are versatile and can be personalised in a way that suits dad perfectly. Don’t see the mix he’ll love? Contact kirsten and she can make something up that dad will love. Men love a little TLC as much as anyone else. Theses boxes come with the most beautiful chocolate, a choice of tea (which kirstin kindly donated a box of to Glasgow children’s hospital) or coffee and a mix of grooming products including nut dust … I mean in this weather what more could dad need? And if nothing else it’ll give him a laugh.

Burger and Bun

Dads like to be taken out for lunch too! Mum might want a high tea on mother’s day, but dads probably happy enough with some good grub in a nice place where he can chill. We recently were given the opportunity to visit the wonderful burger and bun and i can honestly say it was a delight. (post soon to follow) these guys know what they are doing when it comes to burgers and provide amazing food as well as fantastic service. There’s a burger for everyone, including the veggie or vegan and they have shakes that are out of this world!

Square go clothing

He might hate clothes shopping, but he probably loves a good bit of banter, what guy doesn’t? Which is why Square go is the place to go for a pure quality fathers day gift! Not only do they make fantastic t-shirts for men, women and weans, they also donate 50% of proceeds to Children 1st. Just now they are also running a 10% off offer and who doesn’t like to save cash when buying gifts?

Hopefully this has helped you find the gift of his dreams, if not then you’ll just have to go with the good old bottle of something and socks that you get him on every other occasion.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

Last order dates for each company:

Willow and plum – 13th June

Spacemasks – 14th June

Gourmet chocolate pizza – Standard delivery 12th June next day 14th June

One wee box – 12th June

Square go – 13th June

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