Last week we went along to a tour of the newly opened Platform, formally known as the arches. What used to be a night club, venue of the arts has now been transformed into a family friendly, dog friendly, wheelchair accessible street food haven! The wonderful Katie from Mama says and I had been invited along by the ever so kind, attentive and all round great lady Luciana from Word up mum to see what it was all about, to taste some amazing food and to chat to the vendors hosting each stall. What a delight!

Being vegetarian, I often find eating out a bit or a bore. Unless I go somewhere that specially caters to veggies and vegans, I’m usually left with mushroom risotto or red pepper something another. Two vegetables I lothe with a vengeance! However visiting the old arches I was pleasantly surprised to find out that pretty much each food stall had at least one veggie and one vegan option, so across 11 stalls you were pretty much guaranteed something you’d like. Even the pudding vendors had alternatives should they be required.

I won’t lie, we DIDN’T manage to taste everything (not for lack of trying) the food was simply too good, too filling and so out of this world we had to stop somewhere. Considering we were having sample sizes of most portions it filled me with confidence for the real deal.

Chick and pea

Now I cannot express just how wonderful this beautiful bowl of rainbow goodness was. The falafel is handmade and cooked to order and has had lots of time and love spent perfecting the recipe. That hard work payed off though as it was AMAZING! Chick and pea although prominently veggie still offer one or two token meat dishes and also had a kids option. The pricing was great and I honestly could have kept eating this untill I fell asleep. They not only do pop up events but can cater for private and corporate events too, just drop them a wee message.

Freddy and Hicks

Now this was the stuff all vegan and vegetarian dreams are made of! They had a variety of ways to dress their beautiful vegan burger or halloumi burger, both of which they offer in the most adorable kids size which is also a perfect sample size if you want one of everything. They also had the most amazing loaded sweet potato fries which were as much a beautiful work of art as they were delicious.

I loved chatting to the lovely ladies running Freddy and Hicks. They were so passionate about what they create and why they do it. As a mama I know the difficulty of leaving your little to go to work each day and how in reality it hardly ever fits into family life. This is the big reason Freddy and Hicks is not yet in their own restaurant, but as the children grow and it becomes more ideal it’s something that is on the cards, and I will be there cheering on and filling by belly with all this greatness.

Tiny Dancers Slider Pantry

Okay so I didn’t eat anything but the chips here but dude were they GOOD! Katie enjoyed an Italian slider complete with mozzarella, basil and tomato and enjoyed ever last bite. They looked beautiful and are very much the the exact thing Scott would devour.

All meat is locally sourced from small farms and butchers who produce great products that are also ethically sourced, hand reared and grass fed. The ladies who ran this stall were so nice, we chatted for ages about their business, about where we are from and life in general. They were great with the kids, who by this point we’re getting a little restless as they wanted to eat more and play with the dogs.


Now after all that food we obviously needed a refreshment and rapscallion provided the best kind you could imagine. From the amazing ginger beer on tap to the super zingy Black Dak which was even loved by monkey, each was fantastic. I even loved the Tiki which was a tropical juice style that was not dominated by pineapple.

Each juice was on tap, they had an amazing mix of Scottish spirits behind the bar and, Get this … They had cocktails on tap too! Their juice is all natural, free from refined sugars and are made with the best fresh fruit often provided by the local stall on argyle Street. They are certainly the palace to go when you need something light refreshing and much healthier than many other soads out there. Also I cannot imagine a more perfect mixer for gin than pink!

Chunks Ice-cream

OH MY GOODNESS! Now I’m not the world’s biggest ice cream fan, I don’t like having a cold belly. That seems like a silly statement but it gives me the chills and I’m just a creep like that, BUT this stuff was dynamite. Usually I’m the plain Jane who goes for vanilla, but we went for the cookies and cream based smores taco. Yes you read that right, we had an ICE-CREAM TACO!

Now this was the most indulgent and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I of course wasn’t having the toasted mallows on top, but I challenge you to tell me that’s not a thing of beauty. The shells are all hand made by the lovely staff and it is stuffed full with beautiful Scottish dairy ice-cream. They then pile on the beautiful chunky toppings before handing you a napkin as all your childhood dreams come true at once. If you do not order one of these I may have to seriously reconsider our friendship. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic but you will spend the rest of you life being haunted by the beauty that is this dessert.

The Crema Caravan

Okay so imagine a beautiful smooth, flavour filled Crème Brûlèe with the worlds most delightful crack. One that brings happiness and excitement and pure joy in the noise it makes. That my friend is exactly what you will find at The Crema Caravan! Each Crème Brûlèe is ‘burnt to order’ in the most delightful fashion and tastes like little mouthfuls of heaven.

The topping was beautifully golden and caramelized, the filling was just perfect and I couldn’t have been happier. There’s even the options for different toppings such as salted caramel and apple crumble. Though I feel nothing can sum up the beauty of these more than this sound.

On top of all the amazing food, the space and dogs there was even a cute little corner for the kids to play in. There’s colouring, hoola hoops, stickers, building blocks and games. There’s something for each age group and it’s all in perfect view of the parents who can sit at nearby tables to ensure their kids are behaving and safe … Or you know still there and not chasing a dog somewhere as mine will certainly be doing.

We had a wonderful afternoon and cannot wait to visit again before the vendors change. Platform is open Friday and Saturday 12pm – 10pm and Sunday 12pm – 6pm and is certainly worth a visit either as a family day out grouped with a museum trip or as a totally unique date day. Also platform fiver Fridays are worth remembering if you are hoping to try a multitude of dishes whilst everything is a fiver! You will be very well fed and looked fter by everyone here, don’t forget to look out for out for our wonderful host Luciana and don’t forget to give me a shout if you are popping by so we can eat amazing food and pet dogs together.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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