Three good things about me.

Almost two weeks ago now Edinburgh Mumma also know as Aoife, created a poll on her Instagram stories. There was a mix of questions mixing from serious to well just a little mad (we were snowed in here in the UK) one of the questions hit home though. “Do you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing?” Now think about this for a moment before you answer and be truthful with yourself.

Well it seems 79% of us, myself included answers this with a no. Now I’d hit this before I’d really even considered the question. But truthfully as much as I try to help others build their self love, I often forget to build my own. Most days I look in the mirror and say “that’ll do” or “who cares anyway” when really I should be telling myself something positive. I mean Mama Ru is right after all when she says “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” So I decided to contact Aoife and see what we could do to stop us all being trapped in this self lothing cycle.

This is when we decided to start the #threegoodthingsaboutme challenge. We asked our friends to take selfies (mirrored or otherwise) and to comment three positive things about themselves. These could be as big or as small as you like. But you had to pick three things and they had to be about you. And boy did you guys deliver! Slowly but surely the tag has picked up and people have spread the positivity. It has been amazing to watch. I’ve created a page for three good things about me and plan to share some of these pictures and inspirational things people have shared.

Now remember people you are amazing. You deserve the world. You deserve to shine. You deserve to feel fantastic. Being kind to yourself isn’t a bad thing. Loving yourself doesn’t make you a bad person. And looking after number one shows those around you that you love yourself as much as they do.

Now go take that selfie and tag everyone who needs a lift. Don’t forget to use #threegoodthingsaboutme

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

6 thoughts on “Three good things about me.

  1. Loe Love Love this! I am all over giving ourselves a little love! We forget to do it. I am a huge advocate of women supporting women, but often forget to be kinder to myself. I am selfie shy and never put photos of myself on my Insta. I then made the vow to post at least one photo of me per month. When I next post one, I will be sure to hashtag #threegoodthingsaboutme

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