Just stay little a little while longer.

Two years ago I was wondering if I was cooking a little girl or a little boy. I was rejecting names of all the people I seemingly didn’t like (it’s amazing how many names you dislike through association) I was debating prams and cribs and couldn’t imagine holding a little baby in my arms any time soon. I wondered what this little person would like, how they would behave, what little quirks they may have. Would they like the same things I did, would they be as smart as their daddy and have my bad humour.

I didn’t know what to expect or what i was in for, to be honest I was too busy learning how to love myself and my new body. By this point I already had a well defined bump, not typical for a first pregnancy but being small I popped early and decided to embrace this fact as deeply as I could.

Fast forward two years and I have the most charming, loving and strong little girl. She fears noting (except the woody doll who’s batteries are dying and make him sound demonic) she shows such empathy, is full of sass and wonder and there’s nothing she won’t try. The only thing keeping her in the ‘baby’ bracket is the fact she still sleeps in a cot and is still in nappies.

She is such an independent little lady. She loves adventure and trying new things. Her curiosity never ends and her love for the world is simply beautiful. She chatters, hugs, laughs and reacts to the world around her with wonder. She is stubborn and so strong willed it sometimes leads me to despair. She needs me less each day and finds her self confidence with each step she takes. It’s both tormenting and joyful to see her growing into this little lady, however fast it may feel. Already we are at the point of it only being six months until she turns two, where has all the time gone?

Part of me wants to slow down time so I can enjoy this stage a little longer. (Then a tantrum tells that part of me to get a grip) The rest of me cannot wait to see what she dose next, what else she gets up to and what the next adventure holds.

Ive loved getting to know this little person and what makes her tick. She’s more than I could ever have imagined. She’s taught me to see life in a new way, to look at things from a different angle and to find the wonder in the world around us.

Here’s to the next step, to letting them be little and to finding adventure in the simplest of things.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

17 thoughts on “Just stay little a little while longer.

  1. Awww this is so lovely, and I can relate to everything you say. When my sons were little, they brought with them a reminder that everything is wonderful, life is wonderful, if we just stop to look around. They see everything as amazing dont they. Its us adults that stop seeing the magic. My eldest turns 18 next week, and as much as I adore the young man he has become, I miss him little. Cherish and enjoy every moment, its so special. She is a gorgeous little lady xx

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    1. It really has made life such a big adventure and has helped me stop and see the world from her level. It’s magical when the world is your playground. Big happy birthday to your son for next week, hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by xo

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  2. This is so sweet! I kinda hope she finds everything you write about her in the future. I know a lot of my friends felt the same way about their kids, wanting to hold onto the baby and toddler stages forever, but they sure are glad they grew up too! x

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    1. I plan to show her what I write when she’s old enough to fully understand, hopefully she will choose to read and appreciate it. It’s such a funny stage as you love this age but cannot wait to see what they become and achieve. Thanks for visiting xo

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  3. I can definitely relate! My daughter is 2 & at times I wish she would stay 2 forever, but then I want to see how she grows up. She is becoming more independent & she is learning something new every day!

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  4. Oh, Hayleigh, I so feel you on this one. People keep telling me my girl is ‘nearly four’ and I’m like shutupshe’sthree. And also 17.
    So, yes, remember this time, but also remember that they never stop being amazing humans. And you’re lucky to have each other. xox

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