I’m a real lover of messy play! I can hear those with OCD wincing, those with dirty minds sniggering and the rest of you in the back calling me a hippy or shouting “are you mad?” It’s what we do though. This house is the one you can count on for sensory play that usually gets out of hand. There’s paint patches on the rug I pretend are part of the design, there’s tiny scribbles in a corner I say I consider painting over but never do and I have more craft supplies than some schools.

It’s not just about making mess, although she loves getting in there and seeing just how much carnage she can cause. It’s a great easy way to something without feeling bad for staying home all day. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s fun and if you are any good at it you save money when it comes to cards and presents for family. I mean I don’t know about you, but I kind of begrudge spending £4 on a basic card that’ll see sunlight for a week if you are lucky. Instead we personalise cards for people in a way we can have some fun.

I get non toxic paint because the little one insists on eating it even when I say not to, a few plain canvases and get those little piggies out! This is a perfect present that works for any occasion. If I remember rightly these were gifts to her papa’s on father’s Day last year.

Things you’ll need:




Marker pen

Glitter stickers

Basin of warm soapy water and cloth.

Foot prints are easy to use as there’s so many things you can make from them. Also it’s easier to print a door than a little hand that just wants to mush them. It’s easier to do with a helper too as one can hold those little feet and the other can press the canvas on to them to get the chosen shape (spot the one did without help) once done let them dry, pen on your message and add your kisses. That’s it. It’s that simple. Baby has fun, you save some cash and family receive some cute and personal gifts.

The heart can be a tough one to get when all they want to do is tap dance but if you can get it To work it’s worth the wriggling. Just ensure you have a flattened cardboard box on the floor so they can dance away no worries.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes, if the mess gives you the fear give me a shout! I’ll set up the paint corner, you bring the cake and we can have a crafts date!

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

5 thoughts on “Crafts!

  1. I love painting with my little boy (sadly he’s not as keen himself). I like the tip of protecting the floor with a flattened box. We have no carpets st home so I’m never worried if the floor gets a bit painty, but I would prefer not to have to scrub it afterwards!

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