Happy valentine’s

There’s somethings we will say in life and that sound so ridiculously cliche that you roll your own eyes every time you utter those words. “I don’t do valentine’s” is my biggest eye roll phrase. It sounds hipster, it’s ‘unromantic’ and well … cliche. We don’t though. It’s not my thing.

WHAT?!?” I hear you cry. “You don’t like romance, being wines and dined, bing pampered, getting gifts and being spoiled?” Well that’s not what I mean. We all love to be made special. We all fill up on being told how much we are loved or how much we mean to a person. To know we are important to your better half, both friends and family, to anyone really. It’s nice to hear nice things, to get little treats or just simply to know that someone in the world was thinking of you. I love all those things when they are genuine, real and spontaneous. Not when told to do them.

I’ve never coped particularly well to being forced into doing anything. I hate forced events, I don’t enjoy birthday parties and being made to do anything just extract’s the joy out of it. I do however love arranging surprises, random acts of kindness and love and spontaneous moments of joy and happiness. Tiny moments that make someone’s day.

I tell Scott I love him every day, not just on February 14th. Coming home with a pack of beer, his favourite crisps or making him a steak dinner are things I enjoy doing year round. I get him gifts because I know he will like them not because it’s an occasion and I treat him because he deserves it, not because it’s the done thing.

I will admit I still get a punny card because who doesn’t love bad jokes? We make the grandparents home made gifts from the wee one and just as we do every other day, we shower her in love, hugs and kisses and tell her how amazing she is. However over priced dinners and the red tat is all ignored. I’d rather wait till places aren’t crowded and eat in a nice place where I can smell how good the food is as apposed to the overwhelming scent of perfume, lynx and hairspray.

So today I will be treating myself to chocolate since I’m working the late shift. I’ll heat dinner up in the microwave and the only kind of fizz I’ll be drinking is irn bru (the good stuff not the new one)

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

6 thoughts on “Happy valentine’s

  1. Hear, Hear! No Valentine’s here either (my husband doesn’t work like that and I have long since given up trying to change him!). My son and I made him a card and that’s it. I love what you write about making occasions special because they deserve to be, not because we are told they must be.

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    1. It really is the small things that make a difference. I put the bins out and that’s a treat (his job) he dose the dishes and I’m chuffed! I love flowers out the blue and he appreciates the extra hours in bed followed by breakfast. Do things because you can not because you are told to xo

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  2. Im with you, Valentines is just not my thing. My husband and I dont do gifts, although now and again, we surprise each other with something. I do find it a commercial con too, everything goes up! I am literally the scrooge of Valentines day haha xx

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