Harry and Rose

Last year I was on the search for a sensitive, cruelty free and kind to skin range of products I could use on baby without the worry of breakouts or breaking the bank. It was a long haul but eventually we got there and it was worth the wait.

See my little one, like me has sensitive skin. I used “top brands” that promised to care for my girls skin as well as I cared for her and didn’t think twice about it when we finally started using soaps on her. That was untill I started noticing red sores on her back and dry skin just about everywhere else. We were eventually prescribed steroid cream which made little difference before coming across our family favourite … Problem was it came with a hefty price tag, but it worked so I bought it.

Then I came across the beautiful Harry and Rose Instagram page. I read up on it as much as I could, chatted to people who had used it before reaching out and being sent a few lotion samples by Alba to try. This is when I fell in love.

The entire range is, Dermatologically tested Hypoallergenic Suitable for newborns Gentle pH-skin neutral Made from Natural, Pure and Organic ingredients FREE FROM Parabens, SLS/SLES, Dyes and Mineral Oils Made in Britain

It all comes in good quality recyclable packaging that functions well, doesn’t spill or ooze out of the nozzle or break on your third use.

Baby Soft Lotion £7.50

This was the first Harry and Rose product we tried and it was an instant winner. I use anything I plan to use on baby on myself first and was amazed with the luxury of this product. It hydrates beautifully without being oily and leaving any strange films on the skin. I found that it healed up any drying skin within a few uses and that it softened any trouble areas quickly. Baby’s sore patches disappeared within the week and I even found it a great moisturizer for myself. The scent is heavenly and the life in this bottle is outstanding. Missy still gets her baby massage most nights and I’m honestly still on the first bottle. No wonder it’s the holder of three awards!

Baby Hair and Body Wash -£7.50

Cradle cap is something all babies at some point will inevitably get. Dryness and flaking isn’t fun and no one wants their baby to deal with it. Thankfully we found a cure! The baby hair and body wash again smells amazing. It’s that sweet baby scent we all know and love and it’s natural. The first thing I noticed after trying this was her curls … She has ALWAYS had unruly hair, even before she went through that bald/Danny Devito stage. Her curls were all over the place and there wasn’t much I could do about it. First wash and they actually sat in cute little ringlets, it was easy to brush, easy to manage and worked almost aswell on my own hair. Again I can understand why it holds awards.

Baby Bubble Bath -£7.50

Sadly we haven’t managed to use the bubble bath much. Firstly we have a shower rather than a bath in our place (don’t go there) secondly I just can’t get a great foam going in the baby bath, on the occasion I did I spilled everywhere and just had a bubbly carpet. On the up side it smelled nice anyway!

Baby Nappy Spray – £5.50

This spray is the most amazing thing I’ve come across. It’s great for daily use protecting against any irritation and helps make changing easier, quicker and smell sweeter! What’s not to love? I would still advise with any severe nappy rashes to use a barrier cream but for prevention and control this spray wins hands down. We also found that this spray helped with sensitive scalps! During harsh winter days, monkey gets a little dry skin on her scalp. The shampoo helps keep this at bay but the spray helps heal any patches that need a little extra love. Also it’s great on your hands.

Harry & Rose do an amazing range of products we will have in the family for years to come. They also sell beautiful gift boxes, hooded towels and wash mitts perfect for any little or soon to be mama. If you haven’t already, pop on over and check them out.

I’d also like to give a special thanks to their kind donation they sent to include in goody bags being taken to Glasgow Children’s Hospital

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

*Although I was gifted a selection of the Harry and rose products for review purposes, I have since bought the collection and use daily.*

11 thoughts on “Harry and Rose

  1. Ohhh this looks like a beautiful range! I too have been looking towards natural and organic ranges, (although not for babies) and I am discovering some beautiful brands. Its been a real eye opener and educational. As a skincare therapist in my day job, it makes me so happy that people are encouraging their children/teens to put kinder products on their skin. Their skin reaps the rewards of that in later life! great post, thanks for sharing x

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