And breath …

The last few weeks have been chaotic. I’ve not exactly done very much, but my mind had been racing. I’ve had to take a BIG step back from things, evaluate and readjust everything. It’s taken some time but slowly I’ve become more ‘me’ again. My depression seems to have leveled out and I’ve been working on keeping food light and fun as to avoid falling off the track compleatly. The issue is, once one thing slips, others are sure to follow and that’s when the ‘fun’ begins. So I’ve been focusing on what I need and deserve and drowning out the negativity with the positive that surrounds us.

Firstly I’ve made alot more ME time. It’s something I’ve not done nearly enough but it’s something we all need. A few minutes in a day you can claim just for you. Whether it’s treating yourself to a pretty drink, a good cup of tea or a coffee to go. A facemask and a candle has become fast favourites! It’s super easy to do on those days you have too much to do, enjoying a facemask and a good kitchen candle as I do the dishes is not uncommon. Sometimes just getting a shower is enough of a treat that totally turns your day around. Small moments you can high five yourself for because you looked after yourself. Ive found a project, two infact. This is the year we will make our flat feel more homely. I’ve accepted it will take longer than six months to save a deposit and that for the meantime this is home. It’s time to make it feel that way. Also I’m arranging a big hospital trip where I’ll be visiting children and this time parents with goodies to cheer them up. It’s such a hard thing they are facing and it’s important in that time they have that five minutes to recharge so they can continue being there for their wonderful kids. It’s been amazing watching things pour in from wonderful companies wanting to help and preparing for what will hopefully be a great day for everyone involved.

This project has allowed me to see that sometimes, just sometimes I take on too much at once. It’s allowed me to put my life I to perspective and to give something back to those who need it most right now. The kindness being spread by each person involved has filled my heart with great joy. I’m so proud to be working with some amazing companies to bring a little joy to others.

Should you or anyone you know wantto be involved do please let me know, the more the merrier!

Here’s to a little more self care, a little more happiness and a little more kindness in the world. To others and to yourself!

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

4 thoughts on “And breath …

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    My best friend, the kindest soul and sweetest girl! She is coordinating her own amazing passion project to bring some kindness and treats to the parents of very poorly children in Glasgow’s Sick Kids Hospital. πŸ’•

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