Diet culture


What’s that sound? It’s the diet claxon! Yes you guessed it, it’s almost January and that means the start of fad diets, juices, pills, powders, teas, herbs, gels, shakes, big companies selling you rubbish that will give short term results to a problem that doesn’t exist! I mean after all, there is no money in telling you that as long as you are happy and healthy you are PERFECT!

This is a time of year I have grown to fear. Not just “oh Babs that cat jumping out on me made gave me such a fright!” Kind of fear, but more of a in the gut, almost petrified, not sure of what’s going to happen kind of fear.

This is my first year flying solo in the midst of the January diet fiasco. Untill now my recovery has been baby led. My baby’s growth and development during pregnancy was more important than shedding weight in 2016. Producing enough milk to feed her was the big thing blocking out the ‘diet’ cry’s in 2017 but this coming year her development no longer relys on what I put in my body. THIS GIVES ME THE FEAR!

I walked into work on boxing day to see that next to the pile of goodies kindly left by management, someone had left a equally large pile of slimming world leaflets. Now I know for some this is a way to help them gain control and get back on track of life. To me this was a kick in the teeth. I scooped them up and put them in the bin, because no one needs that negativity. It did however leave me feeling a little unsettled and had me watch what I ate the past few days. Its everywhere though! In the mags, papers and street advertising. It’s on the TV, social media and radio. You can’t escape the world of people telling us we need to change.

It’s easy enough to say “oh just get on with it love” believe me I’m trying to do just that. But this month has knocked the wind out of my sails and I’m struggling. I’m struggling to keep myself healthy. Struggling with the work/life/family balance. Struggling to keep on top of housework. Struggling to be the mother and partner I want to be. Most of all I struggled to admit my mental health hasn’t been at its best. I threw myself into December in the same way a child would throw themselves into a pool of cake. I’ve done more than I should have and I’ve burned myself out at both ends.

We need to spend less time dieting and trying to change ourselves and our appearance for rediculous reasons. Less time ridiculing ourselves for weight, shape, size, clothing sizes, numbers and a lot less time listening to those people who tell us these things matter.

Im not saying don’t eat healthy. I do just that most days, because I feel crap when I eat crappy. If my body hasn’t seen a veggie in a week it shuts down. It’s that simple. I’m also not in anyway ridiculing those who rock it in the gym daily. If anything I admire them. Just be sure you are committed for the right reasons though. For strength, health and confidence. Be the you that makes you happy. Whether that means living life vegan, eating a full 16inch meat feast pizza, climbing mountains, playing your favourite music, squatting till your thighs become those of a god, eating cheese out the packet, drinking tea, reading books, watching films, theatre, cartoons. Just do what you love, live the life that makes you happy and look after you.

That’s what I’m going to do. A tea cup of gin and a belle inspired facemask shall hopefully be the TLC that helps me recenter. Ignoring the diet claxon I’m going to dig down deep and keep charging on with this recovery. For me. One step at a time.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

11 thoughts on “Diet culture

  1. I have mixed feelings on the concept of new year. On the one hand I love the reminder to organise and prioritise, and I do like making changes. But I disagree with the forced pressure on diet. Health and fitness is so personal and like you said, something you do for you. It’s great your ignoring the pressure and focusing on you. x

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    1. Thank you for reading. It’s true it’s an amazing thing to do for you, your health and happiness bit the pressures can turn it into something sinister quickly. Here’s to a year of being our best self whoever that may be xo

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  2. I love your honesty in this post! I am pretty into fitness & I am always sad to see so many people focused on how they look or numbers on the scale instead of focusing on how they feel because I think that’s the most important aspect to being healthy.

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