Tis the season … Take 2

So yesterday I wrote, what I felt was a very good piece about the joy and fun of Christmas and kindness you can bring to others. The three of you who managed to read it before my tiny terror managed to delete it can be the deciders on that one.

Basically the long and the short is that December is one of my favourite and busiest months. To be honest I love September onwards as it’s all go, go, go and lots of fun! December really does make me smile though. Well apart from he cold, but who doesn’t love an excuse to wear thick jumpers and big boots?

Advent calanders are one of my favourite things. There’s something exciting about counting down to things and getting little treats each day. Also I actually know the date for a change. It’s something I’d like to implement into the rest of the year but that’s a bit much even for me right? We all got pretty cool advents this year. I made little miss a Christmas book advent (let me know if you’d like a post of all the books we’ve used) and Scott got a Lego Star wars calander because why the hell not? I however pretended to be a grown up and opted for the T2tea advent calendar. Seriously it heven!

December is a month I kinda go all out on EVERYTHING! To some I take it too far but I still feel I could go further, I do love a challenge after all. The trees go up -I have three- the crafts are in full swing, and I enjoy the excuse to indulge on things I wouldn’t usually indulge in, like prosecco, truck loads of cheese and homemade hot chocolate! It’s my birthday month (I’m now officially quarter of a century) so naturally I like to make the most of it all and enjoy being spoiled a little. I enjoy making a little more time for family and friends and treating those I love.

(I obviously need specific hot chocolate mugs)

Gifting is something else I usually go crazy with. I’m notorious for over spending and going too big each year. So we chose to keep things simple this year. We made a little more fuss over people’s birthdays (it’s their special day after all) and decided to go smaller for Christmas. No £60 a person gifting, no mounds of things people will forget about. Instead we are doing personalised hampers for everyone. This has also allowed us to shop small this year helping independent and local businesses. Its been alot less stressful and a whole lot of fun compared to previous years. I might even go as far as saying I’ve enjoyed shopping this year (gasp!) Before you get too excited I must say I’ve done 90% of my shopping online, the other 10% is split between work, morrisons and lidl with a home bargains jaunt just to mix things up.

It’s important to remember you don’t have to go crazy in all areas. And please in all this festive fun remember to spare a thought for those who don’t have what you do. If you can help someone else by giving a hot drink and a pastry or spare £5 to feed those unfortunate enough to be living rough Christmas dinner please do.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

4 thoughts on “Tis the season … Take 2

  1. I love Christmas and everything to do with it. I go big each year and always say I’ll not be as bad net year but cannot seem to help myself. I feel I’ve missed out this year as I’ve not got a fun advent, have to keep an eyeout next year. Would like to see a book post though for the baby’s advent.

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    1. Make next year your year of going even just a little smaller to save you some stress! Also make it the year you get a killer advent calendar, seriously there’s one for everyone now. Thanks for reading xo

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