Note to self …

When you have a one year old it’s pretty well known that they will, and can get into EVERYTHING!

Ever so naively I thought I’d be safe letting the little one sit with my phone on facetime to her gran. She was quite content chatting away doing her thing, whilst I picked up blueberries she had kindly walked into the carpet. I hear she’s turned the camera off and go to help seeing she’s clicking through all apps I’ve not yet killed. Think nothing of it, I chat away and prepare for dinner. Cue storytime, off to bed with a medium amount off fuss before calpol for her teeth and a bottle of milk and her being out like a light by 7pm. I managed to sort some of the Christmas things and even dye my hair. A good night right?

Well it is I won’t lie. I know many would sell their soul to get a night like this. However when I was preparing to share a blog post id written earlier today I found out life want quite as simplistic. That adorable sleeping monkey had during her app binge managed to clear a few junk emails (thank you) send a few thumbs up stickers to people on messenger (I hate that thumb,sorry!) And delete today’s blog post along with a few others I had cued!

It’s safe to say this is a job for future Hayleigh. Something I’ll contend with in the morning as tonight I’m going to drink a glass of prosecco and pretend it never happened.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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