Recently I took on alot of things at one time. If I’m honest that sentence is the quote of my life. I decided to plan more than my brain could take and spent weeks emailing and arranging lots of things whilst working two jobs, trying to keep my family life going, find time to sleep, eat, shower. It’s not easy when you overload yourself.

On October 31st the wonderful Katie from mama says and I hosted the Glasgow march of the mummies. A march taking place to bring light to discrimination in the work place of mothers and fathers just trying to do their best. Sadly we listened to many stories from women who had lost their jobs due to having kids. It sparked a fire though! We came together, dispite the weather and marached for change.

As you can imagine this took up lots of my time. Time I missed with family. That of course filled me with grief. Though if I do not want my children to face the same hinge I did, I have to sacrifice some things to stop that happening. I was still working my regular job, still doing hospital visits, birthday parties, events and trying to fit in a social life around family time. If I’m honest I burned myself out. I was exhausted, emotional and not really looking after myself the way a person should.

I decided to step back and breath. I cannot be the person I want to be if I keep forgetting to take a break from time to time. Ao for the past few weeks I’ve done just that. I’ve spent time making memories and enjoying the chaos that is my life. From seasonal activities to burst pipes, from fun and laughter to full scale meltdowns. It’s been a joy to soak it all in.

I hope you are all well and taking time for you. Im excited to be back and have lots to share with you all, including a sneaky giveaway! Well it is almost Christmas after all.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh Xo

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