Maggie’s mittens.

Recently the wonderful people at Black and White Publishing sent us a book to read and review ahead of the release on the 10th of October. I cannot tell you how excited we were to be given this opportunity, not only because we love to read but also because this story takes place in our homeland Scotland!

Now I cannot stress just how much we love this book. The author Coo Clayton has done amazing with this book. It’s easy and fun to read, light hearted and sums up every child pretty well. I mean we have all been there right? Full on determination do do something you tell them not to do, then the inevitable happens, cue paddy, strop or meltdown. There’s a light humour sprinkled throughout the story that certainly gave me a giggle. And the icing on the cake? The text leads itself to the Scottish patter easily but doesn’t make it difficult for those who are not Scottish to read. I am Scottish but those of you who know me will be aware of the fact I do not sound exceptionally jock like, hence the love for this book, I could read it sounding like a normal person rather than sounding like a tragic copy of Rab C Nesbitt.

You are taken on a wonderful journey around Scotland seeing sights we all know, love and have visited or added to our list. It’s a wonderful adventure I would love to take with the little one as she is older and we can tick off Maggie’s map as we go. There’s no description needed to tell you where you are, just look at the wonderful illustrations and they take you right there.

Alison Soye is the wonderful artist who did the magnificent art work you see. The detail is amazing, from shop fronts to shopping, pictures in the house to the landscape in each place Maggie visits. It is impeccable. The drawings are fun and cute, bright and exciting yet do not fail in capturing the Scottish weather. You can feel the love time and effort put into each page.

And as if this book wasn’t fun enough with the sight seeing and colouring page you can design your own mittens on, they even included a hide and seek with this wonderful little guy. As you read the story keep an eye out to see what this cheeky little squirrel is getting up to. From pinching bananas to rummeging through a pipers pennies this guy gets into everything!

So on the 10th of October head on over to Amazon, Waterstones or the Black and white publishing page and get your copy of Maggie’s mittens before it sells out.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

9 thoughts on “Maggie’s mittens.

      1. I hope it’s available in the US, but so far it’s only via amazon UK. I do have a friend who lives in London, so I can ask her to get it for me.

        Oh boy, we started south of Edinburgh in Dalhousie Castle and visited some old manor houses and church ruins nearby. Then up to Aberdeen via Glammis and coastal ruins, then across to Inverness. We stayed at a castle there, then saw Loch Ness, Culloden, etc. Next we went to Skye, which was our favorite. Loved it! We hiked the Quirang and fell in love. Then we hit Stirling Castle and then went to Edinburgh for two days. Such a cool country; I hope we can go back again.

        How long did you live there?

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      2. That is amazing. I’m ashamed to say that living here I do not see enough of the country. I really have to make the effort to see more. Sounds like a few places I must add to the list.

        I lived her from birth but moved away for a few years but as always home called us back and I’m pretty much here for good xo

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      3. I hear ya … Wherever I lived (and it’s been a few places), I rarely go to the “touristy” places. At least with kids, we’ve now gotten to see a lot of things/events/places we wouldn’t have on our own.

        Lucky you!!!

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