Shes walking!

So this week my little girl rascal officially took her first steps. Over the past few weeks she’s braved a step or two but then given up or not really realised what it was she had done. But this week she has gone full throttle and is toddling like a pro. My heart has swollen with pride watching her learn another skill and I can’t get enough of watching her little steps.

Now forgetting the mess of the livingroom, that’s just standard with kids, here’s two of the things I truly believe have helped her gain that confidence needed to walk. First up is her Fisher Price pram kindly modelled by monkey, a gift from a friend this has allowed her to take steps without holding our hands and practice both turning and walking one handed. It makes noises, but since we have enough singing plactic nonsense batteries have not been added. It’s a great walker, well weighted and rounded on the edges making bumps minimal. Her other walker was too light, pointy and had beads on it she would eat. Our other encourager was her VTech activity table once she had got her confidence walking circles around this she started using it to walk between furniture as we gradually moved it back letting her take more steps. It’s fun, lights up, sings and to Scott’s amusement resembles a TARDIS console.

So it is now officially time to upgrade from her crawlers and go buy some big girl shoes! I’m far too excited and cannot wait. The trouble begins now. I honestly thought the crawling stage was tough but the real fun starts here.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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