Happy Monday!

Monday’s have a bad rep. The world seems to hate Monday and dread it’s arrival. I however feel a Monday is what you make it. Admittedly I do not work every Monday so that probably helps, I do work every Saturday though and I don’t hate that day of the week either. The average person lives 71 years seeing 25,915 days, approximately 4000 of which are Mondays. That’s alot of life to hate. So find one thing about your Monday to smile about!

Freebies! Just now the body shop are giving away samples of their facemasks to promote their new vegan matcha tea mask. Just go on to The Body Shop page and sign up for them! Happy Monday. You now have three facemasks that are wonderful may I add, cruelty free and don’t cost a penny. Keep an eye out for little things like this, lots of companies do promos where they will give away freebies.

Tea or coffee anyone? How about both? Maybe not in the same cup. I am a hot beverage junkie. I live for coffee, without it my day simply won’t start. Dramatic I know, but I’m seriously not a morning person. Tea is life! All kinds, all flavours I’m a tea Jenny in every definition. A good way to settle at night, to warm up or to simply exhail is to get a good cup of tea. Simple things can make your Monday feel bearable.

Good company is key. A colleague, a friend, your partner or family. Spend sometime with people who can make you smile. Talking to someone who can lift your spirits will make your day go by much easier. A good chat, a hug even just a smile can turn that crappy stressy day into a wonderful one.

Music can change everything. A good song can totally change your mood. Play something that makes you smile, makes you want to dance, something that can make you sing at the top of your voice. Anything that can drown out the noise that the Monday morning commute brings to your life. So find your jam, blast that tune and just bathe in the melody that is your favourite song.

Do something nice for someone. One of my favourite things to do is random acts of kindness. I leave small gifts in random places for strangers to find. I give coffee and snacks to those less fortunate, donate food to the food bank, clothes to the charity shop. Volunteer for a charity, give your time for a cause. It’s easy to do something for someone else and you always feel good for doing it. You don’t have to spend money or take time out of your day either. Smile at a stranger, give someone a compliment, give a small amount of time to someone who might need it. You never know what a person may be going through and just saying hi could be the thing to make their day.

Do something for you. If you have the time, the cash or the energy then go big on this one! Go to the spa, buy some new clothes or get your hair done ‘treat yo self‘ if like me the three pointers above don’t quite fit your life just now then go simple. Paint your toes, have a bath, have a fancy cup of tea, take a nap or change your bedding. It’s hard finding time for self care but that didn’t mean you shouldn’t bother.

Now go make the most of your Monday. Do something for you. Treat yourself to that indulgent lunch or that extra five minutes in bed and make Mondays magic! Don’t let the Monday blues get you down, it’s your life, your day and you can make it the best dang Monday you’ve lived!

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

14 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

  1. Really great post! I like these little simple things you can do to make your day easier. I’m not a morning person either but I find the earlier I start my day the happier I am throughout. I like to enjoy my mornings before work.

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    1. Thank you for reading! Sometimes just getting up and started is enough to make the day brighter, it’s amazing how good you feel when you realise how productive you’ve been and it’s still only 2pm xo

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  2. What a lovely post! I’ll admit ive been a monday moaner but this is a great little post to lift my mood and try some tips if those blues creep up on me. Thanks for brining some positivity to my day! X

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    1. It’s easily done, living for tomorrow. I’m guilty of wishing for time to move faster for another day or event but I’m determined to be more thankful and use my time well with enjoyment. Thank you for reading xo


  3. Ah I love this post. Positivity rocks my world! I am a fan of Mondays, its the day that is the start of the week that has the potential to be the best one ever! Who knows eh. I love sharing lots of fellow bloggers posts etc on twitter Sundays and Mondays, its nice to spread positive vibes at the start of a new week. Lovely, uplifting post xx

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