What a week!

This has been one of the most packed weeks I think I’ve lived in a long time.. there’s been job interview, trial shifts, party planning, birthday prep, doctors appointments, march planning (I’ll post more on that later) and a wonderful bout of some horrendous tonsillitis to top it all off. There’s been tears, tantrums, laughs, love, joy, sorrow, sickness and chaos, both good and bad.

As i last mentioned we have a big rally coming to Glasgow and it has finally been announced on social media, and man is it blowing up. It’s taking alot of planning, emails, phone calls, messages of every variety. We are trying to connect with everyone in Scotland male and female, of all walks of life to come along and have their say on the day! I’ll do a dedicated post later in the week just about the march of the mummies.


It’s only taken three months but finally I’m back on the payroll and doing my bit for the house and my family. it’s not been the easiest decision to make and I miss that little lady with all my heart every day but man dose she make it worth it when I come home!

Making this week harder was the tonsillitis. I was in so much pain I didn’t know what was happening. I always thought tonsillitis was a sore throat and that was it. MAN WAS I WRONG! I had a mix of a bad flu, a hangover and first trimester of pregnancy mixed together with ear ache and then the sore throat. This didn’t make for an easy first few shifts. No one wants to be the guy on their first week calling in sick, so I powered through for as long as I could but come Tuesday night I was done. I came to my senses, called in sick and spend a few daysin recovery before my little ladies big day.

We had an amazing few days celebrating with family and spoiling our little monkey. Brunch, bear factory and family tea was on the cards, followed by a party with friends and family on the Saturday. Now this originally was planned to be a teddy bear picnic, but in true Scottish style, the weather turned against us forcing new plans to be made. So with 6 days to go we replanned the whole thing with thanks to loks who managed to squeeze us into their function suite although they had a big event on that night.

We had a fantastic weekend and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love, support and gifts everyone showered over our girl.

Back to reality now though, I have more march plans to make, work to get back to tomorrow, online training, emails and phone calls to sort and a little girl to shower in kisses every night.

I hope you are all well and that things are a little calmer in life. Just remember you can’t do it all, you don’t have to, and no one will notice even if you do.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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