Working mama!

So a few months ago I discussed the unfortunate reality that as parents we are all hit with. The decision to return to work or stay at home. At that time I was working two jobs part time in order to fit around my new family. Life was going well until I was hit by another unfortunate reality far too many women are faced with every year for simply having the audacity to start a family.

It is hard enough making the decision to return to work and put your hold in to overly expensive childcare. A decision made not only by our want to work but the need to work, because you know food, bills ect. No longer is the 1940’s mindset fitting everyone. I for one cannot afford to stay at home and not work. I do not want the burden of providing to be down to my man. I am capable and skilled enough to also bring home the bacon (or in my case cheese) I enjoy the freedom working allows me. Not that Scott would deny me anything, but I feel it’s my place to work for what I want and hope to teach my daughter those values too.

Women have babies. I’m sure that has come as no surprise to anyone, it’s just a well known fact. Not so well known facts though are

  • upto 54,000 women a year are forced out of the work place for having a baby! This is almost double the number it was 10 years ago.
  • 77% of the mums who do manage to keep their job face descriminatory treatment whilst there and earn roughly 15% less than their childless peers.
  • 1 in 9 pregnant women will be pushed out of their work place before they even push out their baby.

This ladies and gentlemen is a harsh reality being faced by thousands of women every single day. A reality we hope to hanger for the better.

Luckily we have some wonderful people on our side.

You may have come across the wonderful flex appeal being hosted by Anna Whitehouse otherwise known as Mother Pukka she is fighting for flexible working FOR ALL. A little unknown/ignored fact is that, once you have worked with a company for six months, you have the right to request flexible working hours. She is fighting for the student, the working man, parents, grandparents and anyone in-between to get the flexible working hours they not only need but deserve.

The wonderful Joeli Brearley is also fighting our corner. She is the founder of Pregnant then Screwed an organisation set up to allow women to share their stories of pregnancy or maternity discrimination and to receive the support and protection they need. They can help with legal advice and provide mentors for those facing an employment tribunal.

This brings me to my next topic.

March of the Mummies is a rally taking place UK wide this October 31st to bring light to the issues faced in hopes the government will do something about it and allow for decisive action that would improve the outlook for working mums.

They are promoting the EMD (early days motion) submitted to the government by MP Caroline Lucas. So far they have 71 signature’s but they need more! If you heck the list and see your local MP has not yet signed please email and encourage them to do so.

So look out Glasgow! With help from my wonderful friend Katie over on Mama Says we are working on bringing the mummies march you you! Keep your eyes peeled for all the details coming your way!

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

*My job as a princess is fully secure, those girls over at Wish upon a star entertainment really know how to treat a gal and allow me to work to what suits my family*

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