Yesterday we had fear like I’ve never felt before. We woke up hours before the baby and come 11:30 she finally awoke. To many this is the dream. For us this was not normal. Our little lady slept all morning, when she finally awoke she was weak, limp and somehow still tired. She was burning up and no matter what we did we could not get her temperature down. It’s safe to say I was petrified.

She is fine so don’t worry but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have an awful few hours. We took her to out of hours to be told she would have to be observed for some time. Luckily the doctor seen our fear and did what she could to help. She allowed us to stay under her care for an hour so long as we follow her advice. So we took to force feeding her water by syringe and doing what we could to encourage her to eat. An hour later with the help of some ibuprofendhe started to come round. She finally are some pastry from the cheese pasty Scott bought me. She drank a total of 50ml of water and finally had a drink of milk. And it took untill 3pm but we finally got that wet nappy we had been waiting all day for.

We finally got to go home and settle our little lady. As I syringe fed her soy yoghurt I felt a great sense of gratitude for my child health. Although she wasn’t well I knew it wasn’t something that would lady forever. This made me think of those parents who have to do as I have everyday. Those few hours of syringe feeding I did were nothing compared to the years of which some parents have to do. You guys are my hero’s. The strength and courage you show daily is commendable.

Thank you to the doctors and our nhs system. I’m not sure how I would have copied without you. It really is something we shouldn’t take for granted.

I hope you are all well, take care of you.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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