Stuck in a rut

Dinner time can often become a drag. I like to eat healthy, eat quick and eat fresh. The problem is though that I very easily get stuck juggling the same five dishes every week. Stir-fry is a favourite when rushed off our feet and we love a good sweet potato curry but very easily you can get bored of those good old favorites. The main reason is that I’m vegetarian and Scott is very much the opposite. This often results in is eating very different things or adapting the easy favorites we know so well.

So what do I do? How do I get out if thus rut and get excited about food? Well I’ve decided to hit the cooking books from fern cotton to the hairy bikers I’m going to dig out and find a collection of new and exciting dinners I can love as much as those old classics I’ve become stuck on. So I’ve decided to say goodbye to those well known meals for the next few weeks and shake up a delicious storm in the kitchen.

I did however have to say goodbye to one favourite in style tonight before putting it to rest for the next few weeks. The lasagna. There’s nothing I love more than the bubbling lava that is the lasagna. The white sauce oozing with crispy cheese dots and those burning edges. If heaven was a good it would be this dish.

So here’s to saying goodbye to the old (for a few weeks) and hello to the new.

If you have any dishes you can share with me please do. Even if I have to adapt it I welcome the help.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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