This week we have all been struck down with the cold. Scott’s god an immune system built from Titanium so only had a few sniffles and a scratchy throat. I however have been snorting, coughing and aching from head to toe. Quite literally since I’ve had headaches then tore off part of my toe nail, cute eh? None of that mattered though because baby is I’ll too. Your whole world stops when your kid is ill. You do everything in your power to do what you can to make them feel better, if even just for a moment.

This little cherub has been wiped out with this awful bug. And to make matters worse she’s teething big style. It’s hard watching anyone when they are sick but watching your baby struggle to breath through a snotty nose and wince in pain as her mouth aggravates her makes you feel hopeless. I know that outside of medicine and cuddles that there is nothing I can do for her, and that makes me feel worse than this sickness we have.

Luckily she gets some respite between the rough moments and is her usual happy self. Toungue sticking out and drool seeping through her bib is the only sign of what’s bugging her. Well until you smell hose beautiful teething nappies that is, be warned it’s awful and they just keep coming.

So it’s long walks for fresh air and long naps to push through her pain and lots of coffee to keep us awake long enough to rock her to sleep at night when all she wants is love and comfort.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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