Books Books Books!

And here’s another installment of books books books! Another review of our favourite stories from bedtime and beyond.

First up is a book we got from the library this week. the crocodile who didn’t like water by Gemma Merino.

This is a super cute book about a little crocodile who desperately wants to play with his brothers and sisters but cannot stand water. This little croc dose everything to try and like water so it can join in the fun but has no luck. Then without warning a big sneeze comes along and actually you realise this croc is not a crocodile at all. A wonderful family read and cute little drawings. Kids will love this and find it a good read if they are reading alone.

Our next book is one of my favourites just because it’s so pretty. My little star by Mark Sperring and Nicola O’Byrne.

Everything about this book is simply beautiful. From the illustrations, which belong in frames to the pretty rhyming words, this book is one I’ll read to my grandchildren. It expresses great love and sets the mood for bedtime in such a lovely way. A winner all round and one I’m sure children will love to read to their parents.

Lastly we have a book that sets such a beautiful message. Oh the places you’ll Go by the wonderful Dr Seuss.

This is just a wonderful book. It’s actually one we have picked up for little Missy’s as it’s a favourite of mine. It tells of the adventures you can expect to have in life but also tells you that things won’t always go to plan so not to be discouraged by that. It’s a great read for any age if I’m honest as it puts things in perspective. It’s a little long for a new reader but will make a great first ‘longer read’ for those just starting to read solo.

Well that’s it for this week. I’ll have more books for you soon. Let me know if you would like the odd ‘grow-ups’ reviews. It might encourage me to keep up this reading.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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