Before I had baby, tiredness had a whole other definition. A tough night’s sleep simply meant that I’d drank too much caffeine (or prosecco) that day and a bad morning was one where I’d forgotten to put my phone on charge, then missed the bus. A late night was self inflicted, because who wants a good night out to end? The only time I saw 7am was on an early start at work, or when I was just making my way home from a crazy night out. It’s safe to say that before becoming a mama I didn’t know how good I had it in terms of sleep. I often complained about not getting any sleep because i’d only managed around 6 hours before having to get up, or about a neighbour waking me up by shouting in their garden at 2pm. (Yes you read that right PM). Usually my tiredness stemmed from staying out too long on the ‘rare night out’, because once you’re out you might as well make the most of it and keep going until the sun comes up …

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