Geting my s**t together

Recently I spent some time getting my act together and trying to put my life back on the track I would like it to lead. I took on too much in recent weeks and my brain began to over heat and burnout. I stripped everything down got back to basics and spent time with my favourite two people in the planet.

I had to work on me and my happiness. I looked at what was bogging me down and categorised the things I could and could not control or fix. So I’ve applied for so many jobs it’s practically become a career. I’ve spent time crafting and being creative. Ive been reading again, finally, and not just children’s books. I’ve got back to eating healthy and sustainable meals. I’ve started decorating the flat to make it more homely (we rent so can’t do much) and we won a competition from Annabelle karmel for Tesco vouchers so got to do a crazy shop of things we just wanted rather than needed.

I’ve realised that it’s okay not being able to do everything. It’s okay to have a limit. I cannot be super mama. I need sleep, rest care and love too. Without those things I simply won’t be able to support my family as I want to. In order for life to function properly I have to look after myself and accept that accidents happen, mistakes will be made and I cannot run on empty.

So to all of you out there. Please know that it is okay to do the minimum it take to get you through the day. It’s okay to have slow days and it’s okay to admit when it’s all just been a bit too much. Look after you. Even if that just means getting a good cup of tea.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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