This past week I’ve been a little disconnected from the world to say the least. My head hasn’t quite been on my shoulders and I haven’t felt entirely myself. so needless to say something had to give and blogging was one of those things. Ive had my pity party now though, I’ve picked myself up, dusted myself off and I’m ready to jump back into the mosh pit that is life.

I’m spending this week checking off a list of things to do. From applying for jobs to fixing this blog up (hopefully) I want to make more time for our little family to do things just us. The past few weeks has been busy with friends and family, with lots to be done. This week I’m focusing on the two most important parts of my life. It’s important to make that time for just you and yours.

Im fully aware that something may go wrong, I might miss a train or get caught in the rain (again) but I’m not going to let the things I can’t control get to me, and I won’t let the things I can, define me. It’s about finding balance, and this week I hope to find just that.

Take care of you.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

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