Looong week take 2

Just when I thought weeks couldn’t get much longer, this week came along and proved me wrong. It has been a doozy. It has felt as though I’ve lived three separate weeks, I’m not just exaggerating.

The week started out busy, not hellish just real busy. We had a list of things to do around the house before my mum came to pick me up and only a few hours to do it. Missy decided that morning naps weren’t cool any more so instead spent the morning squawking as we tried to get things done. Mum picked me and baby up to go to my grans where I became secretary for the day. My gran recently moved house so as you can imagine there was alot of bills ect to move over. Unfortunately my gran can be a bit forgetful and having little of the info to hand it became a guessing and bribery game to get things sorted. The bank needed delt with, keys needed cut and I had a wig to collect for an event. We met the newest member of our rather large family too, and he’s just the sweetest.

As the week continued we required a doctor’s visit, another nap time fight a charity event as Rapunzel, family dinner, shopping and a fight at bed time. We had a day at the beach where we fought a panic attack off with a walk through the town to find a coffee shop (meaningless tasks help with distraction) where baby had a poopcident followed by a leak which resulted in a two man full change before buying her a new jumper.

Then there was THAT day. I didn’t get the job I was hoping to get. I almost crashed into a bus during my driving lesson, infact the whole lesson was appalling. A baby projectile vomited all down me and on my little one who was covered quite literally head to toe. We had a day with friends, a day with family a trip to the swimming pool and few more fought naps. It seems missy also decided to hit her head/ fall from everything this week causing her to resemble vyvyan from ‘the young ones‘. A list of house work was waiting to be completed (some of which got ignored so I could paint with baby) and we FINALLY lowered the cot!

I’ve not really been myself this week either so it’s all seemed alot tougher than it had to be. I’ve been a bit detached and feeling low and in all honesty lost all my mojo. But it’s a new week. Tomorrow is another day and I’m ready to dust myself off and start again. And let’s face it, things can’t get much worse than watching a poorly little one puke on your kids head.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

2 thoughts on “Looong week take 2

  1. What a rough week… šŸ˜¦ I hate those weeks. But yes, there is another new week ahead which can’t help but be better! I hope it is!! And since you still were able to do fun things with your kids like paint, then there were at least some silver linings. šŸ™‚

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