Loooong week!

This has been one of the longest weeks I have had to date. It seems that just as we thought the sleep regression had been and gone without too much disruption, it reared its ugly head again. Teething has also decided it would like to join in, you know just incase we weren’t being tested enough. So this has resulted in almost no sleep, naps being fought and patience being tested.

This has made everything seem like a bigger deal than it probably is. When she finally settles though everything seems worth it. The stress, the anxiety and brain melting all goes away as soon as you realise that little angel has finally fallen asleep and is no longer in pain or discomfort.

There’s not been a night this week that any of us has slept the whole way through. We’ve had 1am crib parties, 2am family time, 3am couch cuddles and watched full movies by 4am only to be up by 5am starting our day. It can be draining on everyone and can make tempers short, but you have to push through and hopefully you do it without too many strong words. The trick is to try and keep yourself going so the tirdess dosn’t take over and turn everyone into world hating zombies. Easier said than done though right?

Make sure to look after yourself during this time. Drink plenty of water, dehydration causes fatigue and that the last thing you need when your already shattered. Try and eat those vegetables, even if it’s a bag of microwaveable stuff you found in the back of the freezer. Those extra nutrients will be welcomed. (I say sitting on the couch with milky way rolls and skips) get out the house if only for an hour. Sitting in feeling sorry for myself makes me feel worse, I feel super productive on bad days even if I’ve only picked up milk and walked round the park. Do something for you. If you’ve spent the week soothing a fussy baby to the point you can’t remember when you last showered, make the time to pamper yourself. Paint your toenails, if you have someone to watch the baby go for a walk, get coffee alone (and drink it when hot) read some of that book you keep saying you’ll read. Do anything that will make you feel good even if it’s just sticking on some lipstick.

For me that thing usually ends up being baking. On the odd occasion missy takes her nap, sleeps through or is happy to sit in her bouncer as I cook, I get out the mixer and bake more sweets than anyone actually eats. Cooking is something I’ve always enjoyed and it’s something that relaxes me. Maybe it’s because 98% of the time I’m in full control and I know what the outcome will be.

So this week I vow to make some time for me. I’m going to read a chapter of a book, paint my toe nails and if life allows I’ll make some scones. And you make time for you. You’re doing great and you deserve that treat, even if it is just a glass of gin.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

2 thoughts on “Loooong week!

  1. Tough weeks are the worst!!! Teething and sleep regression … Ugh…. Makes me not want to go through that all over again….
    I think it helps to do the one thing that makes you happy (whether it’s reading a novel or writing short stories or coloring or baking) and make sure you do it, at least every other day. Gotta feed the soul AND the babies!!

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