The first hangover!

Why oh why did I do this to myself? As if it hadn’t been a chaotic enough week sleep wise, I thought I’d just take it one step further and shake things up a bit more. Last night Scott and I had the ingenious idea to stay up and empty a bottle of rum. He’d been out with friends earlier in the evening and I had had a busy day so a “wee drink” sounded great.

Then 6:30am hit. Now for us this is one of our earlier mornings and of course in true ‘dont give a crap’ toddler style she was up, buzz eyed and ready for the day. I was burst. There’s no other word for it. I was completely and utterly burst. I peeled my eyes open, felt around for glasses and my dressing gown and begrudgingly went to collect baby so we could migrate to the livingroom.

Now we all know roadrunner. That blue bird who sped around leaving a trail or carnage behind him. Well that was my child this morning. She was in every box, draw and basket she could find. The contents of each being used to carpet the floor. She climbed and lunged off of Everything, including me. And as all this chaos unfolded around me I layed on the rug revaluating my life, feeling sorry for myself and waiting on the water and painkillers doing their job.

Now over the past few years I have had a few hangovers and like to think I have my ‘cure’ sussed. Wake up, hate the world, water and painkillers, sleep. Then eventually get up, water, food (something salty that would line the tummy) washed down with irn bru because you don’t get many things in this world with more sugar than that heavenly orange nectar. Then it was shower, food, nap, go for a walk somewhere (usually to get food) home, movie, food and bed.

Today I woke up dried out and shrivelled like that dying sunflower with a small demanding person who honestly could not have cared less that I was hanging. I talked in whispers hoping she would copy, she just shouted louder. I tried to cuddle her in so we could nap, she squealed and dashed. I thought TV would be a great way to keep her occupied but apparently that wasn’t as fun as pulling mama’s hair. So instead I layed on the floor and waited for energy to come whilst distracting her with a punnet of berries and telling myself I was never drinking again.

Eventually she tired and I managed to steal a nap with her. After that the day seemed to get a bit easier. I don’t know if it’s because I managed to sleep some of it off or because Scott was up by this point, but it wasn’t horrific. Breakfast soaked up the worst of it, then brunch targeted the rest and a shower helped me become human again. A walk and a late lunch allowed me to say I was productive.

Though note to all parents do not go somewhere that has a child’s soft play area when recovering from a hangover. The children will scream and you will feel like your eyeballs are going to burst. Your own children will always be enough on days like these do not inflict other people’s kids upon yourself.

Spontaneous drunken nights might not be the best idea anymore but they sure are fun. I made it through my first hangover with a child and I lived to tell the tale. Can someone make me a t-shirt that says that?

What’s your hangover cures? Any tips on making hungover parenting less rough? Comment and let me know.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

*Some images are not mine but sourced online*

9 thoughts on “The first hangover!

  1. I haven’t had a hangover for years because I hardly drink now, but I remember what it’s like! I can imagine it’s even more evil with a little one running around when you just want to feel sorry for yourself 🙈

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  2. I kind of feel the same way when i get woken up by my three cats, sometimes randomly in the middle of the night. Being hungover just makes it a million times worse too! x

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