Recently I took time away from blogging and really only used social media for the brief hour I was able to get any WiFi. Honestly it was quite refreshing and it’s something I feel I’ll be doing more often even if it’s just the odd day here and there.

Being away for a week was the perfect excuse to take this mini social media blackout. We went to the lake District, soaked up the sun, played in the rain and made some wonderful memories. We’ve had a blast and it truly was needed. A break from reality and routine and a change of scenery.

We took long morning walks and and evening strolls along the beach. (Above was at 7am and was already warmer than a Glasgow’s summer day) we climbed mountains and hill sides, picnicked by rivers, rode on Steam trains and took missy on her first boat trip. We even got to visit the one and only Peter rabbit at the Beatrix Potter Attraction. Which is worth a visit should you ever pass that way.

We had a wonderful week away and I actually enjoyed hardly using my phone. It was quite refreshing not losing hours to social media and actually having proper conversations, rather than those half paying attention rambles we all go on grunting once in a while in hopes the other person won’t quite realise we didn’t hear a word just said.

Being away has made us decide to spend less time on our phones. To make time that we leave all technology out the way and focus purely on one another. We’ve decided to actually motivate ourselves in the morning and go on walks ect to make the most of the day rather than just hanging about and then losing the bulk of the day time, with winter round the corner we want to ensure we use those sacred hours of light. There’s a few things we’ve brought home with us to incorporate into life but in the whole I’m glad to be back to normality.

I’m glad to have my own bed, our own shower, to lay on our couch. I’m greatful for our own space and for the ability to walk around he house in just an oversized t-shirt since I’m home. (You can’t really do that infront of the in-laws) I’m glad to have my own cooking utensils (holiday stuff just doesn’t cut – pardon the pun) I’m even greatful for familiar streets and that good old weegie accent.

As beautiful as it was where we were I was glad to be home and see the beauty Scotland has to offer. It may be bleek and dreary far too often but this country is stunning in its own right.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to the daily (or as close to) blogging and will pick back up with the book reviews.

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and enjoy your holidays weather it’s in Dubai, here in the UK or simply in your home town. It’s not where you go, it’s what you do and who you spend your time with that counts.

Love and hugs,

Hayleigh xo

24 thoughts on “Holiday.

  1. How did I not know you’re in Scotland?! We honeymooned there (living in the US) and LOVED it! Just read a post on the WP blog rosebudquilts on her recent trip to Scotland.
    I agree wholeheartedly about checking out from social media. We need more together/talking time, not less. Kudos!

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  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Your pictures are stunning. I think we can be too engaged with social media nowadays and sometimes we do need to get away. X

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  3. Looks like a lovely break away. I feel like I really need to just sit my phone down more often! And again like you I am trying to take advantage of the light mornings/nights xx

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  4. What a wonderful post! I haven’t been to the Lake District before, I would love to go if it wasn’t a 6 hour drive away :O. I’m glad you had a great time away with your family away from technology :). There really is no place like home hehe

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